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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 20, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. it has been a frightening morning for a san jose family, their cars were set on fire, it was all caught on cameras, we will show it to you. complete bay area news coverage starts right now this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we are in san leandro had morning out at the train tracks this morning, because unfortunately a horrible tragedy, we are talking about a high school senior hit and killed by a train. tara moriarty is coming up in just about two minutes and what witnesses say she was doing while crossing the tracks.
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let talk about your weather and traffic, it was wild yesterday and under mostly cloudy skies, rain, snow thunderstorms, we will wrap up around the east bay by this afternoon or tonight. breezy cool and increasing clouds more so and i would think towards the santa clara valley, 53, partly cloudy and we have a high of 70s and i can see some 70s coming up and we have the mother load which will continue into tomorrow as well. it is cool out. there is a lot of 50s and some temperatures if it was not for
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that cloud cover, it's going to be a breezy blustery day and then keep an eye on the sky and some of this begins to wrap back up. breezy for some, afternoon clouds and lake county, napa, salon more so than anything else else. here is sal. it is getting more crowded and it's just after 6:00 and we are still clearing an accident and chp is still clearing, northbound 17 and it was right at the summit and that crash is on the right soldier continuing as they get those cars completely out of the way. let's go to some live pictures. the traffic here is backed up for about a 20 minute drive
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time into san francisco and it is not as bad as it has been. also this morning, we are looking at a commute, 880 to the carquinez. not too bad, from san lorenzo. let's go back to the desk. we are now hearing from the mother of the 18-year-old girl hit and killed by the amtrak train in san atlantic ocean. here is what is happening. >> reporter: pretty was walking along this sidewalk and -- britney was walking and was on the cell phone at the time and her home is just a couple of yards away but apparently her family -- she didn't see or hear that train coming. she was getting ready to
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graduate and had just been accepted to college. he called out to warn her but she didn't respond and meanwhile britney's family is in shock. >> she was a wonderful person. she always made everybody smile, she was the light of the room and the light of the party. >> this public service announcement was released to warn people of the danger of walking near train tracks. it shows a young man with ear bud styles and a train is headed his way. last year alone 76 people were killed and that's more than any
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other state. >> k tv u march. jenna betty was killed by a train in martinez. she was killed when they saw the train coming and ran away but she went back for her cell phone and got hit. there are pink ribbons where she was hit and killed. and then it happened and such was i can pickleing up. a family there endured a horrifying morning somebody set one of their cars on fire and joining us live from san jose, you spoke with the victim who
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victims he is upset and so is his family. they have lived there and they think somebody is targeting them. both their cars were destroyed and they were caught come by vandals. one of them takes out a can and started dousing the acura and lit it on fire. soon after, they heard popping noises and woke the family up but by then the fire had spread and he tells us about two other
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incidents. and it seems like it is the same guy or guys. >> why would somebody do this? >> at this point i it no through. >> then in april neighbors caught a haven't dale walking up to his car and throwing gasoline all over his car. he is working with police and reporting life they may find out in just a couple of hours if their school has been shut down. already dozens have been shocked to hear this. yesterday santa clara sheriff's deputies have carried out eviction orders against them on south winchester in san jose. they were told to pack up their
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things and leave, no explanation and no advice on what is next. >> do i wait to figure out if they are going to pay their rent and if i can come back here? i have no idea what they are going to do. the other campuses remain open. they are looking into growing concerns of their new stadium. to the toss -- toes had never make it with 60,000 passed their homes. >> i think they will let us back into our area and we will have to let all of the traffic in. >> i think they understand and
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yes, we understand a lot of trust in those professionals. traffic camera feeds to run and make sure there is police on game day. and for years, it is the big quake that will hit california but now there is a new theory. they will probably have a lot of mid-sized quakes then a few quake cluster could teen us from cleaning a lot of damage. how the man says he ended up driving through a fence and
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crashing into two parked cars and a house. we are learning more about a man who fell to his he test, why his friends say it was good to be there a alone. it is good on the golden gate bridge, unfortunately it is not so good everywhere and we will tell you where the slow spots are.
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. time is now 6:12 friends of a man who fell to his death say they can't understand why he was there. he died sunday afternoon after falling from a rock on chrisly peek boulevard. he always took photos from the parking area, he didn't care about hiking or exploring and as for the rock he fell from, friends say they are shocked from the rock he climb from. >> it is rare he would get out and walk around. >> going over to the edge to look down? >> he would not do that. >> people say that fall, that is more than 100 feet and his body was found at the base by a hiker and he was a brother and has a brother in concord and other family members in concord
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and usc police want to hear from him. a woman who survived after being trapped is learning to live as a double amputee. >> her car went off a 120-foot cliff earlier this month. somehow she sat trapped and unable to move for six days. >> i tried to crawl forward and i couldn't get out of it and i tried to get backwards out of it and i couldn't get out. >> her feet were crushed and she doesn't remember any pain but could only think about her four children. she managed to stick it out of
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a car window. michael jace best known on a popular series, he was arrested outside of his home in los angeles. they responded to a domestic violence incident after neighbors heard gunshots. he is best known for his appearance on the shield and southerland. firefighters say they expect to have the destructive fires contained later this week. it is now 91% contained and it destroyed 26 homes and one business. and 2 businesses. the first fire started tuesday and was sparked from
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construction equipment and was started by an investigation. if you are watched by a car here in the bay area, a certain kind of theft is causing them to place it with a printed vin. one man found out a classic car he bought was stolen from an actor. >> i thought how could this happen to me. >> he is out all the money and time he put into this car. he is one good example of how it happens to people all the time. the real vin number identified
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it as somebody's character played in the movie pulp fix and he had to give that car back. he escaped an out of control car. >> we were reading the stats... now the officer had just made a traffic stop when they suddenly heard the screeching of tires and that's when a car ploughed into his patrol car and he made the split second decision to jump to avoid being
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pinned. she is now charges and the people had hold at noon and they announced a deal had opinion finalized with her and the deal is worth 24 ours years put he has no coaching experience. that is a lot of pressure  on him, sal. >> if i don't get to see him, i will ask him what is it really like to work with alert. nobody will ask him that. let's ask him that. traffic is pack up and i say
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that sarcastically. the traffic here in both directions is looking okay. we had an earlier accident at the summit and that's gone and in fact i can show you the maps just to show you that area. and now the crash has been cleared and traffic is beginning to recover and it is still sluggish, mention carquinez, it is 880 let's go to steve. clouds, breezy out there, very cool in fact, clouds will be on the increase, i do think some shower activities are and coming off the sierra and we are taking aim at napa county
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salon know, some rain or snow and we will focus on ukiah, clover dale, heelsberg, coming off higher elevations, the key though is a lot of this will tart aiming mostly by tonight so morgan hill and gilroy and we have a little break and thunderstorms will pop up and it will be too far east for us abut i think this is the best window for us to get any shower or activity and though we had a little bit last night. partly sunny skies, you can see some of that over us and there is a lot to go around and some of that snow is being reported up in the sierra and there is
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going to be a funnel of moisture and kings beach and in chuck e.they have been reported. you put breezes behind that and add that to a 50-degree temperatures and it's cool. it will if i have it probably by wednesday or thursday, they will start to warm up and a mix of sun and clouds and a possibility of showers, not very warm today, 60s and 70s and brentwood oakly, 68 and livermore only 70, same for san jose, a lot of 70s including palo alto, mountain view, 61 in
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d.c. and a little breezy and cool, it takes us back to your weekend. in a couple of hours, they are expected to unveil a new tablet. several entry leaders will introduce a mini surface tablet and there is reports they will show off the tar let, and they are questioning tap bit sales have slowed. they hope the company plans to raise $100 in its ipo and its revenue came in just under $1 billion. plans to trade on the nasdaq, g pro, go pro cameras are used in extreme action video and they are known for being light
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weight and durable. it is a street known all over the world, a big change that could be right around the corner for the famous san francisco street. a woman malled by a bear, the brave action she took to be forced to find help.
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. they are sending thanks to the streets of bane connect. it -- bane connect -- bane connect. it comes after thailand's military insisted they are not staging a coup but they are sensorring social media. back here at home, the ride share is discriminating against blind passengers who have service dogs. more than once he has been refused service when they see
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his seeing eye dog. then the drivers use their own cars to pick them up. >> they are required to provide equal access to people with disabilities. >> it takes somebody to step up and say this is wrong and if nobody else will i will. >> well he sent a statement saying he will deaggravate drivers who refuse to transport people with a service animal. she was attacked by a bear. the woman was jogging at an air force base and the bear was defending its two cubs and clawed the woman's arms, legs, neck and force so. a good samaritan found her and took her to the hospital and was said to be in stable
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condition. it is developing news we have been following out of san jose and two cars were destroyed in a suspicious fire and the information that shows the car's owner had been targeted before. a san leandro girl is struck and killed near her house. we will tell you why authorities believe this accident happened. good morning, we have slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza and we heard of a new crash on a very busy east bay freeway. a few bursts of rain, 47 in milwaukee valley and i will show it to you here coming up. ♪
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we are live in san jose, the family's car was set on fire during the night and police call this very suspicious and janine de la vega will tell you why he thinks she is being targeted, stay tuned for that. and it is tuesday, may 20 may 20thth, i am dave clark. 6:31 is the time, steve, you know what i want to know about? we are talking about the possibility. >> there is some up in the sierra nevada and we are getting some light rain now. we have some light rain and i think it is ghost chaser on twitter. i am pretty sure, he said bursts of light rain here in newark and i really do like the information seriously if we have s p weather, i would show it to you on radar and it is
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below the beam possible showers and thunder showers, it will be a cool day but then increasing clouds into tonight and you can see i can't see it, there is a couple of little booms and some of that, i think napa and 47 up in napa and you put a breeze behind there and it's not crazy but it will be a day below average and most of the day some of that will start to wrap back around and we have a cool chilly morning and afternoon clouds will increase and temperatures are staying cool and 60s and very low 70s, here
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is sal. wewe have a crash in the pass area, it is just before north flynn and three fire departments are on the way and if you are getting on the freeway after livermore, it is already slow in dublin and that's what you are deal with their, your drive times are not quite as bad as the peak but still a little bit slow and 580 to grand line road and let's go to a live picture of south in oakland and it looks good with no major issues downtown to the airport exit. this is a 30 manipulate drive time to the san francisco side of the bridge, let's go back to the desk. a san jose family is
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frighten had this morning. somebody set their cars on fire and it bass all caught on fire right janine? >> reporter: no. and they are scared. both have caught fire and all you can see is the soot that is left behind and you can see those palm trees that are charred and the family who lives here was dousing those palm trees with water hoping the fire would not spread to their home and now they are targeted around 2:15 and -- 2:15 and they were dousing and kicked it out and his daughter
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was the one who heard the popping noises and woke the family up but when they woke up they saw the other car had caught fire as well. >> they are heartless people and they are heartless. and hopefully they will get caught. >> do you father for your life? >> yes, i do and my family. in mid-april his acura was slashed and then in may security cameras showed vandals throwing paint all over his car. back in december somebody tried to break into his home and that is why they had the can as dash-
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cam as, -- cameras help police find out who it is that is doing this. people were seen running from the building. this happened 940 near fruit veil avenue. quarters were living there and they responded in that same area where squatters were living. a teenage girl was hit and killed near her home. they are at the scene where a memorial is sit up as a family mourns her loss, tara? >> her father said he had been up all night cleaning and he wanted to keep bit tab busy.
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this is the member more mom show was a tap family student and she was walking just before 6:00 last night when she was hit and a witness said britney was talking on her cell phone when a railroad crossing arms went down and he called out to warn her and she didn't respond. britney's family is in shock. >> she is an, a student and she was friends with everybody. >> now this public service announcement was released to warn people of the danger of walking near train tracks. it shows a young man walking on the tracks oblivious to the train which is headed in his
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direction. in last year, we will be headed over to britney's school to try and talk with some of her classmates and in speaking with her father he mentioned there is going to be a candle light vigil but they are not sure what time and they are struggling to pay for funeral expenses and as you can see it is extremely loud. you can see just how quick that is and obviously in this is a devastating time for britney silva's family. now britney and her family were also part of a story at a homeless camp on april 29th,
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the homemade oil lab exploded near their san leandro apartment and three people were injured in that explosion. a week kept tragedy is another -- tragedy is another reminder. a boy drowned on innocent avenue and he later died at the hospital. it's still not clear how the child ended up in the water. thin a child drowned in a swimming pool in antioch and another drowned in concord. antolin garcia-torres pled not guilty in february. sierra lemar was 15 when she went missing more than two years ago. they discussed the death penalty with the district attorney's office and they say they know it will take a lot
6:40 am
longer for the trial but he should be guilty. >> it is still difficult to go through that as a family. >> they hope the threat of a death penalty will convince antolin garcia-torres to lead authorities to sierra lemar's body. and the fatal shooting of andy lopez, they will travel to san jose next month. they want to see if the police auditor program will be the best to travel to but the sonoma county is determining whether to fire criminal charges after they killed lopez after mistaking hills fake gun for a real one.
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they will consider closing the world famous lumbardosi street. they will shut down the crooked street between june 21st and 4 4th of july. neighbors say it can take an hour and a half to get home and caltrans is making prep sayings. southbound 280 will be shut down starting at 9:00 thursday night. it's not scheduled to reopen until 5:00 tuesday morning. the caltrans has put up signs on freeways all over the bay area alerting you to the closure. they will be replacing a hinge in the highway one that allows it to absorb movement during a
6:42 am
big earthquake. a south bay coliseum age bruntly shut its doors. coming up the one question everybody it now working. good morning we are looking at highway 101 right now and traffic is looking good in san jose so far as you drive through sunnyvale we will look at the south bay commute. we are getting reports of drizzle, newark and east san jose, this is the baby brother, the big bath in the pond and it's cool this morning.
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. welcome back, an out of control car caused quite a bit of damage in san leandro hitting 2 parked cars and 2 houses. alex savage spoke to the driver who explained he lost control of the car. alex? >> reporter: the young man simply dosed off on his way home from work this morning and he simply plowed right through the front yard of this home and the car wound up slamming into
6:46 am
two parked cars in this driveway. this crash happened just after 3:00 this morning and it's just off of marina boulevard and there was quite a bit of damage and the 19-year-old walked away unhurt and he slammed into a toyota and a subject roux which was parked in the driveway and those cars were pushed into the side of a house and the man told me he thought it was an earthquake. he told me he drifted off the road and woke up in somebody's front yard just trying to make sense of what happened. >> what did i do, i am just in shock and i can't really figure out what was going on at first. then i realized i was crashing into the yard of my car. >> i asked the teenage driver what he learned from this early morning crash and he said you
6:47 am
just can't get too relaxed after a long shift early in the morning. the driver who caused the crash was under the influence and they will pick up the tab for all of the damage this morning. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. let's check in with torii campbell on mornings on 2. headed to the south bay, the largest retailer wal-mart is opening an e-commerce unit in sunny veil. we will have more on the specific area they had chosen. and now his sun gets a tryout and coaches compare jerry junior to his dad and why others could create a bit of a family feud. now back to you on the morning
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news. 6:47 let's check back in for the commute. traffic is actually busier than it was just a moment ago. 31 minutes and this is about normal and yesterday we were on realtime and this is the carquinez bridge just outside vallejo and it is just a little more than 30 minutes here. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is a 35 minute drive time into san francisco and it is one of the troubled spots and it has been the east bay on 580 and we have a crash and a couple of stalled vehicles and traffic is going to be slow in this area. 880 southbound and 238 as you head down to fremont. >> light rain, palo alto drizzle redwood city, it does
6:49 am
not show up on radar and this is light stuff and they are up in the sierra and we have some pretty good snow and we just came across some twitter pictures. i show it will get hammered and thunderstorms and we had a couple of reports of that and earlier this morning, some of this moisture will wrap back around to the lakebay and mendocino, napa, solano and later again into tonight it will be very, very close as we get towards 7:00 and it might make it to the valley and what we have now is coming off the sierra and there will be more tomorrow. so if you are headed up there, this is a good system and if you have mixtures or information from there, we have twitter and i will get you information as facility fast as
6:50 am
i can. -- as fast as i can. and that means it is light stuff and the moisture train is going right up into the sierra and that's where we are focusing on. it's really cool and it if it was not for the cloud cover, it would be fso right out of the due west and some of this moisture will stack up some decent rain totals and a lot of this is already taking aim. more so forth south bay and that's the thunderstorm activity and the low will be with us and eventually it will be on the dryer side and we will start to warm up a little bit. sun and clouds, drizzle, 60s and 70s and another cool day. walnut creek, alameda,
6:51 am
berkeley, san jose and 70s nor los gatos, upper 60s and bruno low-to-mid 60s, daily passive can in the city and breezy tomorrow maybe a few pop up clouds, tomorrow is the best opportunity for pop up clouds and sunnyside up and warmer temperatures take us into the weekend. >> thank you steve, just a few minutes ago, home depot just reported first quarter sales earnings were up in parts of the country. home depot said it rows 6% and u.s. sales up 3% but they were below what analysts had expected and the stock is down just a little bit. they pled guilty and they will pay a 2.6 billion dollars fine and they are hoping to avoid taxes on u.s. bank accounts.
6:52 am
now they could apply releasing the names they had hoped. the money will go directly to the internal revenue service for unpaid taxes. hollywood actor arrested, it made the police rush to his house last night. i am against bullying but i am getting tired of it as being used as a manfra for -- mantra for everybody. >> the comment that followed that had many people outraged. y and get $50 off every $250 purchase.
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. and man was arrested after across country search. police say 23-year-old was killed after a fender bender in a parking lot last november. 24-year-old michael green was arrested in florida on friday and he is now waiting to be sent back to san francisco. a mother in santa rosa is accused of putting her hands around the next of a 12-year- old boy is now defending herself. >> she is presumed innocent and that being said if the evidence
6:56 am
shows otherwise, i will fight this vigorously. >> she went to the school but the boy had used racial slurs against her daughter. she told garcia she never touched the boy and however they took photos showing red marks around his neck. she was later released on bail and is due to appear in court on thursday. meantime a mayor is making news for what he said about creating bully safe zones in his city. >> i am against bullying but i am against it being used as a mantra for everything when most people all they have to do is grow a pair. >> and a city councilwoman asked for 'effort to establish off campus locations for kids
6:57 am
to get help dealing with bullies after school and the councilwoman quickly snapped back. >> it is hard to stand up and grow a pair when you are maybe a 10-year-old girl. >> well maybe other 10-year- olds will stand up for her instead of a safe zone and a place for safe zone training. >> some are made with gay students in mind and they will be meeting to express their outrage about what the mayor has said. and across oregon, after the latest ruling for same sex marriage. >> this was the scene in portland shortly after a federal judge threw out the voter approved ban on gay marriages and they voted it was
6:58 am
unconstitutional based on same- sex marriage. no federal judge has upheld the ban since last year which invalidated the defensive marriage act. breaking news in one neighborhood in haywood, these are live pictures and it happened just over an hour ago. also a story we have been following over the past hour and a half, a suspicious early morning fire, what the car's owner is now telling us, we will be right back.
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a grieving mother talking about the latest tragedy involving a teenager on bay area train tracks. a car crash creates a lot of damage in one east bay neighborhood early this morning. the driver tells ktvu why he lost control of his car. >> reporter: andals are caught on -- vandals are caught in san jose setting a car on fire. we spoke to the victim and why he thinks he's being targeted.


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